Confidential Computing

«Rather than assuring companies that their data is protected through policies, we can prove that it simply isn’t possible for us to access it. Clients have total control over their own environment — they get their own smart card and cryptographic keys.»

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Highest performance

«A platform updates their archive with every newspaper in Switzerland on an ongoing basis.Two years ago, it took two and a half weeks to reindex their database. On IBM LinuxONE, it takes just 12 hours.»

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Here to help

Check our support options for an easy, fast and efficient management. Direct line with experts. The only thing you have to do is start.

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why invest in IT

Scale up your business

With a proper IT structure, you optimize all your workload by making it easier and faster, so you can re-invest all these resources in other  fields like R&D or HR. You will also expand your field of action making it wider, more international, and more target-focused.


Infrastructure as a Service

We use the newest hardware on the market to make your workload faster, more flexible and more cost efficient.

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Software as a service

We connect, install and manage your software, so the only thing you need to do is start your daily work.

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Phoenix Systems

Cloud 22

For organizations operating in regulated sectors, we provide the flexibility and efficiency benefits of public cloud solutions, while also facilitating compliance with strict data governance and security directives.

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