Phoenix Systems
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This factsheet contains detailed information about our infrastructure and locations in an easy-to-read format. It includes key facts and figures about our Hyperscaler locations, infrastructure decisions, certifications and architecture blueprint. 
Software-defined Virtual

Solely based on Infrastructure-as-code
Over 36‘000 vCPU

Over 70TB RAM

x86 & s390x
7‘000 TB NVMe

Based on the fastest storage available
AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization

IBM Hyper Protect

Virtual Servers

Phoenix Systems maintains a Cloud from Switzerland for highest security needs. We increase the level of security by design.
Our kvant Cloud Platform (kvantCP) based on Openstack offers a highly automated deployment of a software-defined virtual datacenter for sensitive data and applications. The combination of cloud native microservices and legacy critical services run by kvantCP is accelerating your digitization journey up to 5x faster.
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